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Ariadne Game Rules

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RPG Rating: L1-S1-V1


1. All players and characters must 18+ years of age



2. You must join the OOC list to keep abreast of announcements



3. Each member must post 2 times per month minimum.



4. Real life happens. We all know this and it must come first. We ask that you drop the GM a line if you require taking a leave of absence (LOA) for any length of time. Without any indication from you, we can only assume you have lost interest in the game and will be notified via email after 2 weeks of inactivity and removed.



5. If you have to leave the game for any reason, your character will be kept on hold for you should you wish to return at a later date. If you do not wish to return, we can handle your character’s exit by any means you wish. If you do not make your wishes known, the character will be written out in a manner that is respectful and will not damage the character’s possible future.



6. We have a rating of L1-S1-V1 which translates to: L1 - Language 1: Infrequent, mild swearing is permitted. S1 - Sex 1: Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted. V1 - Violence 1: Mild violence is permitted.



7. Once you begin posting make sure your posting length is at least two good paragraphs long. No one liners please. 8 to 10 well thought out sentences should be nothing for any of us. This will give each of us enough to work with when responding to your posts.



8. Do not make any drastic changes to another player’s character without the owner’s permission. This includes, death, disfigurement, serious injury, or radical emotional change.



9. Please remember that animosity between characters does not mean animosity between players. Players with characters that have an antagonistic relationship usually get along quite well and post frequently. Don’t be offended, insulted, or hurt if a character insults your character. It isn’t aimed at you. If you feel that it is, please notify the GM and it will be investigated and dealt with.



10. Most important of all. HAVE FUN! That’s what this is about. Writing and creating exciting adventures in a franchise we love.


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