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The Nordstrom Expanse

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The Nordstrom Expanse is a nearly unexplored section of Federation space in the Beta Quadrant. Late in 2395, the discovery of new deposits of rare Orphic gemstones offset plans to relocate Starfleet operations further outwards. By the Spring of 2396, the now obsolete DS-13 was replaced with the larger and more modern Starbase Friday. The Expanse represents thousands of light years of possibilities for the Federation.


OOC: As we explore the Expanse, I will update the map to show where we were for the particular mission. Each square represents 50 light years. The size of the indicator dots will illustrate where in the Z axis the system is. The larger the dot, the higher the location will be on the galactic plane. The smaller the dot, the further beneath the galactic plane.



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