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For almost six years, the USS Ariadne had carried out missions critical to the United Federation of Planets. Over the course of those six years, disasters were averted and a fragile peace was established with an old enemy. On old calendar date May 2, 2394, the USS Ariadne, under the command of Captain Kenya Danvers, was destroyed in order to successfully close an interphasic breach into another universe. The crew was rescued and returned to Starbase 214 where they could recover and await reassignment.


Seven months have passed, and Starfleet Exploration Command is ready to launch its newest and most advanced vessel. For all the sacrifices and exemplary work done on behalf of Starfleet and Special Services, Captain Danvers is given command a Vesta-Class starship, renamed Ariadne-A. Her mission is move out into the uncharted regions of the Nordstrom Expanse to explore the furthest reaches of our galaxy.


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