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Ariadne Gallery

Page history last edited by M. Hyacinth 3 years, 10 months ago
Deck 1: Bridge, Ready Room, Captain's Quarters, Senior Officers Quarters, Main Conference Lounge
Deck 2: Officer Quarters, Escape Pods
Deck 3: Guest Quarters, VIP Quarters, Library
Deck 4: Shuttlebay Observation, Officer's Mess, Crew Quarters, Crew Lounges 1&2
Deck 5: Family Quarters P&S, Crew Quarters, Upper Computer Core
Deck 6: Science Labs 1-4, Transporter Rooms 1&2, Armory 1, Holodecks 1&2, Arboretum, Hydroponics
Deck 7: Sickbay, Medical Labs 1&2, Computer Labs 1&2, Computer Core Access, Escape Pods, Shuttlebay 1
Deck 8: Crew Quarters, Family Quarters, Deflector Access, Holodecks 3&4, Cargo Bay 1-4
Deck 9: EVA Airlocks P&S, Airlocks P&S, Shuttlebay 2, Transporter Rooms 3&4, Mess Halls 1&2, Lateral Sensor Array Access
Deck 10: Emergency Transporter Room 1-6, Educational Facility Centers, Escape Pods, Crew Quarters, Family Quarters
Deck 11: Stellar Cartography, Science Labs 5-8, Crew Quarters, Escape Pods, Auditorium 1&2
Deck 12: Replicating Center, Phaser Cannon Access, Torpedo Bay 1&2, Armory 2, Engineering Labs 1-3, Escape Pods
Deck 13: Torpedo Launchers 1&2, Captain's Yacht, Escape Pods






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