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The new Duty Uniform has many improvements over the last series. The uniform is designed for comfort and durability. The commbadge is worn on the left breast while the rank pips are once again worn at the collar. There is no variant available with a skirt.


Hand Phaser Type VII is the standard personal defense weapon aboard the Ariadne. This is a refined version of the prior decade's Type with an enhanced power cell and  improved cooldown cycling.


Type V Phaser Rifle is the standard long-range weapon aboard the Ariadne. It can be configured to fire a continuous beam or a high energy bolt. The Type V variant has improved holographic targeting and an extendable stock and foregrip.


The Field Duty Jacket has become the standard for away missions. It is composed of layers that have kinetic and energy dispersing qualities. The jacket is lightweight and leaves the wearer unhindered during use. There are numerous pockets and tabs for extra power packs, Tricorders, Medical Kits, and other items.


The TR-850 Tricorder is the newest model of Star Fleet's primary personal sensing device. This new device is palm-sized and foldable for easy storage. The majority of controls have been replaced by a fully configurable touchscreen. The unit automatically powers up when unfolded.


The New Communicator has improved range due to a larger subspace transceiver. The unit also has a longer battery life from the high capacity sarium-krellide battery. Even with these improvements it still takes a high power signal from a starship to maintain communications when on a planetary surface.



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