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When I have an idea, I turn down the flame, as if it were a little alcohol stove, as low as it will go. Then it explodes and that is my idea.

-Ernest Hemingway


That’s how Ariadne started and the guilty parties know exactly who are to blame. It was a very small flame that exploded into an idea. The first definition of the word GAME is an activity that people participate in, together or on their own, for fun. Fun has always been my aim in these play by email endeavors. Ariadne is about having fun, writing in a universe that we all enjoy, and possibly making new friends.


Creating the environment is no small task but like any labor of love it is its own reward. I would like to thank my good friends Mallory and Nathalie for continually driving me on and encouraging me along the way. A very special thanks to Nancy who always has a moment for me and a kind word.


You’ll see artwork all over these pages and where available I have left the signatures intact. These images bring life to what would be otherwise sterile pages. They came from a number of websites that are wonderful in their own right. I would like to thank Gene Roddenberry, Doug Drexler, Dan Curtis, JJ Abrams, Kreg Asay, Pam Caley, Mark Kingsnorth (For his incredible design and artwork of the Insignia-Class Starship), Atomik99, Aucton-Lucan, Ex Astris Scientia, Daystrom Institute, Phasers – Weapon of the Future, Star Trek, Memory Alpha, CBS Television, and Paramount Pictures.


To all that I might have missed you have my sincerest thanks. As this venture progresses I’m certain there will be more. Time to go play! See you there!


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